Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

We need a similar people’s movement to protest about the inequality and damage being done to the planet – a march for fairness and animals rights!

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Back in the early 1960s the Civil Rights Movement was picking up momentum. Martin Luther King was organising marches, sit-ins, boycotts and protests. There was a move towards gaining equality for people regardless of creed, race or religion. Segregation was rife and needed to be utterly destroyed.

The Folk Movement had come out of the Left Wing protests of the 1950s with its social messages from the likes of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and the Weavers. It stood for freedom, equality and fairness. It supported the unions, fair pay and social justice.

The songs that came out of the early sixties were termed protest songs. They were songs for human rights and justice.

Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs and Tom Paxton were at the forefront singing songs that helped rouse the conscience of the world. The white liberals and radicals joined with the blacks to fight for equality.


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2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

    1. I hope so. We have to put a stop to this juggernaut that is rampaging across the planet leaving poverty, war, inequality and destruction in its wake in its greedy pursuit of profit.

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