Featured book – Opher’s World – Tributes to Rock Geniuses – the blurb

This is a book I greatly enjoyed writing. These are the people I’ve spent my life listening to and watching perform!

Opher's World

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If you like Rock Music you’ll love this! – 195 tributes to Rock Acts of Genius. – Each one a gem of a picture. You’ll find out what makes them so brilliant and a lot more besides! This is the writing of a true passionate obsessive.
These are Ophers tributes to Rock geniuses – loving pen-pictures to all the great artists and bands that have graced the screens, airways, our ears, vinyl grooves and electronic digits – (well a lot of them anyway).
These tributes make you thrill to all the reasons why they were so great.
There will be many in here that you are already familiar with and adore but I bet there are also a number that you’ve never heard of and would love to get to know.
Whether you know them or you don’t this book will give you a fresh insight from a very different…

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