15 Key Foundations Of Trump’s Campaign That Are Radically False

This was an interesting read.

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1. ISIS: 45,000 ISIS soldiers have been killed by U.S.-led coalition attacks, compared to American deaths of 4 in the armed forces and less than 70 civilians (50 of which is not truly applicable – according to the CIA, the Orlando shooter had no contact with ISIS). ISIS was formed in 2004, one year after a highly disorganized and mismanaged occupation of Iraq directed by the Bush Administration had begun. In 2008, the Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government was signed by Bush, ensuring that all American soldiers would be out of the country by the end of 2011. Obama attempted to keep 5,000-10,000 military advisers (special forces) in Iraq, but the local leaders and American public opinion strongly opposed his efforts. Not in an effort to make light of the very real threat of terrorist brutality, but simply to put it in honest and realistic perspective…

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18 thoughts on “15 Key Foundations Of Trump’s Campaign That Are Radically False

  1. Always be wary of these google factoid bloggers. They’re a nuisance and a menace as they screw easily led people into believing most of it as fact.
    There’s a wealth of inconsistencies included here.
    Is he serious with Ireland being placed at #3 in the world for doing business in?
    He’s simply got to be a basket case if he believes that one.
    Just from the police figures quote concerning numbers shot in’UK’ in 2011 and 2013. By UK he means England and Wales only and neither is he making any account for the fact that 23 persons in 2011 and 17 persons in 2013, died in police custody.

      1. Everything provokes a mental response. Just as next door’s cat poking it’s head in my window right now did.
        It’s low level Coke or Pepsi mentality.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      All of the data in my article came from mainstream, moderate, academic or conservative sources (including links to a report by Fox News and an American Enterprise Institute study).

      The evaluations regarding business in various nations are from Forbes and U.S. News & World Report, not the blogger (me):

      ” NATIONS BEST FOR BUSINESS: America is often not even close to being the best country for business. For example, when Forbes evaluated which countries were best for business in 2015, Denmark was #1. This was followed by New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Canada. By a large measure, they obviously do not agree with Tea Party policies of extreme libertarianism, yet no conservative country is near the top of this “pro-business” list. The United States ranks #22. U.S. News & World Report conducted a similar research project in 2016 to find the most “market-oriented countries [that] are a haven for capitalists and corporations”, in which we scored #23 – behind those same types of more liberal advanced Western societies.”

      The same type of thing is true with the violence statistics.

      On the topic of police shootings in the UK, how do your points (whether correct or not) affect my explanation that America is a vastly more violent place for police and civilians than any other advanced Western nation and has been this way for many decades?

      Violence against police in America, compared to its typical statistics during the modern era, has been proportionally high twice in the past 100 years: during Prohibition of the 1920s-1930s and the next high crime wave of the late 1960s-early 1990s.

      My article was not a blog post by someone unwilling to be fact checked. It was published in the politics section of Paste Magazine:


      1. Andy, I suggest you read what I said more carefully.

        Denmark has a population of 5.7 million. Automatically there are severe limitations. Ireland is a joke.
        I wouldn’t rely too heavily on Fox News.
        My comments on UK crime figures were to rectify your false figures.
        I made no comment regards crime figures in USA.
        Why would I when everybody and their dog knows it has the worst violent crime figures of any developed nation (although to what extent is it “developed” is debatable) and always has had.

  2. So far all is quiet on the western front… I’m hoping people woke up today and shook the cobwebs from the last months out before they headed to the polls. Over 40% of Utahns voted early this year. Of course a lot of their votes will go to third party candidates at this point. At the moment Evan McMullin is running neck and neck with Trump here.

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