Current Projects – Seven books in the pipeline! Roy Harper, Nick Harper, Sixties, Sci-fi & Poetry.

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I have five projects that are in various stages of development.

  1. Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

I wrote this with Nick over the course of a year or two. It is complete and has been through an extensive editing process. The book is now being artistically laid out for publishing. It should be out soon and be available at Nick Harper gigs and his website – Harperspace.

2. Roy Harper – Ruminating on Roy Harper

This is the story of a friendship going back to 1967 and Roy’s life seen through these eyes. I is now complete and edited. I have a publisher who is interested and it is currently being scrutinised now. It should be out fairly soon.

3. Zero To Infinity – A Sci-fi novel

This was the second book I wrote – it is a Science Fiction novel. I wrote it in the seventies and have just typed it up and rewritten it from that manuscript. The rewrite is now complete. I am about to go into an editing period. It should be out next year.

4. Reality Dreams – Book 1 – A sixties book of surreal weirdness

I have just complete the typing up and rewriting of this book. It’s a strange on – a collage of ideas, poems, cartoons, stories and strange mystical events that form a jig-saw puzzle of possibility. I am leaving this to settle before I do the final edit.

5. Reality Dreams – Book 2 – The second half.

I have just started typing this up from the manuscript. It will take me a while. Rewriting as I go along is not easy but I’m discovering things about myself that I’d forgotten.

6. Poetry Book 8 – Poems For Hard Times

This is accumulating as the poems come to me. They come into my head and I write them down. I’m about halfway through.

7. Short Stories

Over the course of the past fifty years I have written a number of shorter pieces which have been strewn around. I am gathering them back together, editing and rewriting them and thought I might put them together into a small book.

And that’s it! Hardly anything at all really. In the meantime, for those of you eager to own an Opher I have over thirty books that I have produced these last fifty years. They are ranging from Rock Music and Sixties to Sci-fi, novels and antitheist books.

I’m an Indie writer. I write what other writers don’t dare. I write what is in my head.

My books are available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats. They are world-wide!

In the UK you might like to browse through on my link below: For overseas visitors please refer to your local Amazon. You’ll find me there.

In the USA:

In the USA –

Here’s a few selected titles:

Rock Music

  1. The Blues Muse – the story of Rock music through the eyes of the man with no name who was there through it all.

2. In Search of Captain Beefheart – The story of one man’s search for the best music from the fifties through to now.

Science Fiction

1. Ebola in the Garden of Eden – a tale of overpopulation, government intrigue and a disaster that almost wipes out mankind, warmed by the humanity of children.

2. Green – A story set in the future where pollution is destroying the planet and factions of the Green Party have different solutions – a girl is born with no nervous system.

Kindle & Paperback versions:

The Environment

1. Anthropocene Apocalypse – a detailed memoir of the destruction taking place all over the globe with views on how to deal with it.


  1. A passion for Education – A Headteacher’s story – The inside story of how to teach our children properly.

There are many more – why not give them a go! You’ll love them!

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