Reality Dreams – Book 2 – A Surreal Sixties extravaganza of mysticism, social commentary and poems.

This is part 3 of my Reality Dreams book. I started writing this when I was twenty years old back in 1969. They were heady days and still fermenting in my mind.

This is the beginning of my rewrite.

Let me know what you think?

Part 3

The Earth

The Earth is a planet in our solar system. It is exceptionally important to us because we have crawled from the mud of its seas to grow legs and walk. We have used our eyes to see, our hands to build and our brains to think. Apart from the hugely amazing event of the evolution of life the planet is unexceptional.

We have developed a society with the express purpose of fulfilling our needs and helping each other. Our cities are hives of activity in which commerce and trade couple with industrial production to produce a standard and quality of life. Our society has a trade-off – it has developed materialism as a reward for boredom and enslavement. We prostitute ourselves for a standard of possessions and comfort.

We know it is not a fair distribution of wealth or an equitable return for our effort or capabilities. There is no universal system. There are great divides. We have created an elite who live in luxury. Stronger societies prey on weaker societies to steal their resources.

We have limited compassion for the suffering of people a long distance away – suffering that is the direct result of our actions.

We have no regard for the limited resources or beauty of our planet. We are prepared to reduce our planet to trash, and with it the quality of our own lives, for a quick buck and a healthy economy. The addiction to consumerism, jag of possessions and pursuit of comfort have taken the place of real happiness and relationship. Society points forward in a giddy spiraling descent towards a concrete and plastic, air-conditioned nightmare.

Yet for our planet, with all its billions of people in their sprawling civilizations, this is merely an interlude. We humans exist as a temporary inconvenience. In a few million years we will be totally forgotten. We will have been surpassed by something better that nature has produced. Our destructiveness merely clears the way for the future. The scab of humanity will heal and the pus we leave behind will be cleansed. That is the way of nature.

We can but hope that out of our greed and selfishness a small number of sane people will develop into spiritual harmony with nature and survive to create something better.

I’m an Indie writer. I write what other writers don’t dare. I write what is in my head.

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