My Surreal Sixties Weird Book – Part 2 – Chapter 9 – Happy/Sad

This was a strange one. Reality dreams and we are those dreams. Each day a new world, a new life with new memories? Or always the same?

All we can do is live it to the full and not waste a single second.


The day had been exceedingly boring. Nothing had happened at all. It was a day empty of content, devoid of interest and lacking in excitement.

Messny drifted through the hours moping about lethargically. There was nothing to disturb his apathy or capture his attention. He felt tired and mentally jaded and could think of nothing to motivate himself, to stimulate him into snapping out of his morose state. By evening he was thoroughly depressed without a clue of how he could dig himself out of this rut. There was nowhere he wanted to go, nothing he wanted to do and nobody he wanted to see. It was just one of those dreary miserable days that you wanted to crawl off into a cocoon and wait for it to end.

He sulkily flicked through the channels on the TV but, as predicted, there was nothing worth watching.

At last he gave in and went to bed where he lay staring up at the ceiling for ages before finally dropping off to sleep.

It was a rebirth.

As soon as his mind switched off it switched on.

He woke to a beautiful day. The morning was bright and sunny as was his disposition. Cheerily he jumped out of bed. There was far too much to do to waste time lazing around. He’d never fit it in. life was such a rush. There was never enough time.

Bathroom, dressing and breakfast were attacked with haste. He could not wait. There was a whole day to fill with delight – places to go, people to meet, things to talk about, friends to spent time with, things to create, flavours, colours and sounds to relish, films to watch, books to read, books to write and games to be played – so much pleasure to pack into the excitement of another day.

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