My Weird Sixties Surreal Book – Part 2 – Chapter 7 – Poetry – Iam reality.

I sometimes find this hard to believe that I was twenty when I wrote this. Each line is a poem to mediate on. It was designed to have ambiguity in that there were multiple meanings contained within the arrangements of the words.

I’m enjoying it.


I am that you take seriously

I am that you fail to understand

I am the perplexity in your order

I am concealed from your eyes

You leave me for illusion


I am a raging torrent

I am a stormy wind

I am the echo of a warning

I am the sacrifice you make

Before me is nothing


I am that you cannot learn

I am that you cannot remember

I am only experienced

I am only discovered

Once known never forgotten


I am never beginning

I am never ending

I am the moment

I am lost in the hour

In me all things dwell


I am beyond analysis

I am always whole

I have no fractions

I have no parts

In me all things flow


I am that which I am

I have no components

I am in constant germination of myself

I feel you as an unborn foetus

You are not of me


I am your reality

I am your illusion

I am within and without

I am ignored yet always studied

There is no escape from my rituals

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