My Weird Surreal Sixties Book – Reality Dreams – Love

Aaaah! The idyll of all consuming young love. What could be better or more intense?


They ran hand in hand along the beach. The wind tugged at their hair. They threw their heads back and laughed and shrieked into the open sky.

He crept off and clamoured up on the rocks to jump out and surprise her. They fell down giggling in craziness to make love in the sand.

They talked and he quietened her with a kiss and when he became too carried away she quietened him with a kiss.

They walked through the long grass and felt the waving seed heads brush against their legs as they strolled. She broke away and danced, skipping among the tall stems to the beat of a cosmic song within her head, singing it back up into the blue heavens with its hot goddess. He chased her and they tumbled together making love in the green grass with the bees and butterflies flitting around their heads like satelites.

He lay back under the trees and watched her, marvelling at the beauty of her lithe body. She danced for him – a slow lascivious dance of sex and her body flowed and curved through easy lines as he drank her in. She was his pure mercury in freefall motion, slowly rising and falling in liquid motion as she bounded back out naked in the flower meadow, cleaving a narrow trail that connected her to him in that undulating sea of green with its Renoiresque splashes of colour.

P1120138 (2)

She wore a thin cotton dress as they walked the hills. It flowed and clung to show off her lithe body as her pretty face bobbed and his eyes flashed like sparkling gems, wicked sparkly gems, as her teeth gleamed and she entranced him with the power of her spell. She would burst away, full of pent-up energy, to spin with her long wavy hair sending out tendrils in the sky as if reaching for the sun.

She called to him with those eyes so full of mischief and promise that he understood her every unspoken desire and quickly joined the chase as she darted off and fled but was easy caught. She screamed and yelped with delight as he pulled her to him and they made love overlooking the beach with the crashing waves. Always she’d pretend to struggle from his grip but as they grappled he could see those eyes metamorphosis into something softer and she reached for him and pulled him to her.

She melted into his body as the setting sun bathed them in its warm tingling embrace, lending them its cloak of gentle orange glow to makes the moment mellow.

They kissed slowly and were bonded in closeness that was beyond the physical. There was no need to talk. Their eyes and bodies talked. Their skin was transformed to electricity.

As the excitement grew they were transcended to become one spirit soaring together. They entered each other as they left their bodies to dissolve away on the crest of tingling sensation. They merged in breath and desire and gave freely.

Their coming was no end but rather a continuation that drew them closer as they clung to each other in desperation to make it last, savour every last intimacy, overwhelmed by the force of their feelings.

Now was the time to whisper words of love and feel the inner warmth and contentment forged from trust and security; to snuggle the other inside in a spiritual embrace which has no barriers.

They both wished that new life could come from something such as this. It was so fine a gift to give creation and no life could have had a better start than to have been forged in the heat of such a crescendo.

They walked slowly back, cuddling tightly together and savouring the perfection, renewed in each other.



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