ISIS – Orlando and Paris

Once more crazed brainwashed psychopaths kill innocent people in the name of God.

It leaves me thinking a bundles of things:

Firstly great sadness for the people involved – the traumatised people who were caught up in it, the poor terrified child of the murdered police officer and his wife, the terrified and wounded, and the parents and relatives whose lives will never be the same again.

I can’t imagine the horror of losing one of mine.

The great sickness that convinces people that they are carrying out the instructions of some supernatural being by killing innocent people.

The sickness that convinces anyone that there is only one true way to believe and live.

The arrogance, mindlessness and waste of a life spent in brainless worship.

The stupidity of people. I walk past people dressed in all manner of weird clothes and hairstyles, fasting, eating certain foods, avoiding certain foods, and carrying out all fashion of prayers and ceremonies because they believe ‘their’ God has demanded it. It looks insane to me. What has any of that got to do with some creator? Why would any sane god make such demands or choose one set of people over another? Senseless.

Yet these insane people who carry out atrocities believe that by killing innocent people, who just happen to believe or live differently to them, they will wake up in paradise. There is no end to the way people delude themselves.

These murderers have lost their compassion and humanity. They are so wrong. No sane god would reward brutality.

My best wishes go out to the families and friends of the murdered people in Orlando, Paris, Belgium, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt and wherever these religious fanatics have wrought their evil.

It makes me wish there were a god to punish those evil perpetrators. As there isn’t we shall have to do it ourselves. I salute the people who are working hard on intelligence work to keep us safe and the police and army who are protecting us.

My wish is that one day soon humanity might wake up from this primitive superstition and become civilised. We need to leave religion behind in the dark ages and progress into a higher kind of spirituality.

24 thoughts on “ISIS – Orlando and Paris

  1. You know what’s worse in the middle of this? There was a vigil at the university here last night for Orlando, and when I thought about going I got extremely anxious. It was, in fact, too late by the time I found out, but I’m wondering if I would have been too afraid to go. What’s happening to even the good guys? 😦

    1. That’s how terrorism works. It creates fear out of all proportion to the risk. The number of people killed by terrorists is small but the image is magnified in the brain and the fear becomes greater. Many more people are killed on the roads but we do not have a terror of that. You were more at risk from a collision driving to the vigil but I bet you never even thought about it. Terrorism creates terror in the imagination of everyone. That is exactly what they intend. They paralyse us.
      In my opinion we have to ignore them and do what we would normally do despite them. We have to counter their sickness, not with hatred and fear, but with anger and love.

      1. You know, I realized that after I thought about it. They do seem to have us right where they want us, don’t they… So why are they continuing to actually inflict such harm on people. Haven’t they already gotten what they want? Or do they really BELIEVE all that crap about going to heaven and seven virgins? I just kind of figured they always used that as an excuse to kill people for the fun of it.

      2. I think it’s quite complex really. When you bring up people on hatred and brainwashing they end up as a confused mess. When they feel outsiders and see others with so much they become full of fury. Then there’s this garbage about eternity in paradise with twenty seven virgins (what is this thing about virginity?) and a sexually repressed youth. Then there’s the streak of cruelty and love of inflicting pain that is in human nature. Islam is an intolerant religion straight out of medieval times – tainted with sexism, misogyny and barbarism. It needs an enlightenment badly.

      3. Oh, 27 virgins! Lordy! Guess I was short changing them! No WONDER they wanna get there. Has it ever occurred to them, do you think, that those gals are only virgins once? Will the men then be like the monster outside of the village who needs the virgin sacrificed to them every month or so? rolls eyes…

  2. Whether you believe it or not their intent is to impose their way of life upon us. By the way I Am Not Afraid of ISIS as you put it. I am concerned as to what they are capable of, there is a difference.

    1. Oh I know that Anna. Their dream is world domination. How many times have we heard that before? That’s what Stalin, Hitler, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, Caesar, Saladin and all the rest were after. Even the British had a go at it. There have been three previous caliphates all of which expanded and then were crushed. ISIS is being defeated on all fronts. In a year or two it will be history. They are terrorists and their purpose is to generate hatred and fear. We need to prove their Wahabi doctrine is false by defeating them militarily and through intelligence, education and international pressure. The money is flowing from places such as Saudi. It needs stopping.
      I know they can kill and each death is a tragedy. But their success is extremely limited.
      My only fear is if they manage, before they are eliminated, to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. I think it extremely unlikely. We have a dedicated intelligence service and counter-terrorist unit who have disrupted most of their operations. The odd maverick operation is bound to get through but the major stuff is being picked up.
      These followers of ISIS are brainwashed medieval monsters. They need wiping out.

      1. Limited? Baader Meinhoff for one, once thought of as a group who would not do too much? The IRA when they first appeared on the Streets of Belfast etc, totally underestimated by the British Government and people. I won’t argue figures with you, but in England alone you nor I know the real figures for those that lived amongst us who were IRA – we had a neighbour who made it clear what he was. Do not underestimate ISIS, I hope you will be proved right, we wait to see. Terrorists live amongst us, whether it be France/Belgium/GB or the USA they are there living amongst us normal lives until they strike, San Bernardino?. We would be foolish not to believe that.

        Yes it is obvious those in power, the Intelligence Services know the plans of terrorist acts before they happen, not all of course, but those they manage to stop. Anyone with any sense knows damn well there are terrorist attacks foiled, wouldn’t we be stupid if we did not know that, we are not all blindfolded. They can’t stop on the spot attacks like the butchering of Lee Rigby, how many people remember that name – so many forget too quickly.

      2. By limited I mean they do not kill that many. Each death is a terrible tragedy but the numbers are small. If they managed to get their hands on chemical, biological or nuclear weapons – that would be different. We’d be measuring it in millions not tens.
        In the West we have stopped most of the threat. It’s far worse in Iraq, Syria and Libya. They have butchered tens of thousands.
        Terrorism works by generating fear. We need to show that we are not cowed by those monsters and their threats. I hope the intelligence services deal with it.

  3. What with the money pouring in from the Middle East. Obama doing his bit for World Peace, when did that start happening, recently so he can go out on a high, useless individual. Don’t bother arguing he is good because you are kidding yourself.

    1. Well Obama has been a disappointment but not a disaster like the Bushes. Why do you have such a down on him? What has he done to rile you?
      As for me – I don’t expect much from any of them – they are all put there by the establishment.

      1. I have to ask, after this afternoon, what are you trying to have me say. A down on him, I disliked the man from the beginning, I never made any bones about that. I love Politics especially American Politics. I could see from the beginning the only reason the majority who voted for him voted because he was Black and he would be the First Black President. As Jack Kennedy was the First Catholic President. People say how wonderful Jack Kennedy was what a great President. Jack Kennedy was not a great President, people loved “The Camelot” feeling that was Jack and Jackie. For me President Johnson was a great President, he brought about more Civil Rights for the Coloureds than any other President. Johnson was blamed for Vietnam he was not to blame Kennedy sent in the troops – excuse me “the Advisors” interfering in Vietnam. Johnson would not carry on and stepped down, he felt he had too much blood on his hands and could not watch anymore Boys being killed. I admired and still do Jimmy Carter, he would have proved to be a great President had people given him the chance.

        Obama knew nothing about Foreign Policy and not much more now. America has always been big on Foreign Policy, America has to be big look what Obama has done. Listen to Senior Black Military figures, Senior Black Police Chiefs they are so very critical of him. The poor Blacks have no time for him. You ask why I don’t like him you have your answers.

      2. Been reading your conversation with interest. But I have to say, I think a great many people here voted for Obama for the simple reason they’d had enough of the Bush administrations. Something had to change. We were all hoping it would with a democratic president for a change. All we’ve learned, imo, is that there is no real bi-partisan sentiment in Washington.

      3. Well I agree with you about Kennedy. He started the Vietnam war and nearly took us to a nuclear war over Cuba.
        LBJ did do some good things but I think he should have sorted Vietnam.
        I liked Carter too. He could easily have started a major war with Iran but didn’t and it cost him the presidency. I thought he showed great restraint.
        I’m still not clear why you dislike Obama though. You say they only voted for him because he was black. But while that is true with one section it was the exact opposite with another. Much of the South hate him because he is black. I agree – he was naïve about a lot of things – foreign policy being one.
        For me Obama was eloquent and charismatic. He came in with a promise of change and positivity which is why I believe they voted him in with a landslide. He gave people hope for a better, fairer, inclusive country. He promised to get rid of Guantanamo, to bring in health-care, tackle guns, end the war and so much more.
        What happened was a polarisation and an impotence. He tried for consensus and the Republicans were virulently opposed to everything he stood for. While he had the mandate he should have just pushed it through rather than trying to get everyone on board.
        So I am greatly disappointed. He did not bring in the changes he promised. The hope dissipated. True there was the whole world recession. That was a factor.
        I can’t see the basis for a virulent dislike though. What was it about him or what he said that caused that?

      4. From my perspective America is a severely divided country Cheryl. When I was in Louisiana I was astounded by some of the stuff that pleasant, ordinary, young people were coming out with. There was overt racism and an opposition to anything Obama said on principle. One couple had a daughter with a major heart condition that required regular major surgery. The only way they could afford it was through having a job with health insurance for the family. He’d been kicked out of the marines and lost his cover and was desperate. Yet they were virulently opposed to Health Care even though it was probably going to lead to their daughter’s death because they could not afford the operations. It seemed like the land of the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. For those with money life was great. If you had no money you deserved nothing. It was your own fault.

      5. Well you’re certainly right when you say this country is divided. The whole political thing has turned into a bloomin’ zoo now. Even Harrison Ford is making news by saying he’s not voting for anyone because there isn’t anyone to vote for. How many people, I wonder, will follow suit. In the meantime the Republicans are bustin’ their keisters looking for a way to derail Trump. Lordy what a mess we have.

    2. Cheryl – I don’t know what the answer is. We always vote for the lesser of two evils. Rarely is it so crystallised. But I still think Trump is by far the worst and most dangerous.

    1. What on earth was that about Anna? What was bullying about what I said? I was merely asking for more clarification as to why you don’t like him. I don’t really care one way or another. From what you said I was still unclear what he had said or done that you did not like. Why that reaction?

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