Hello! Pleased to meet you! I’m God.

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You may be wondering why I made you all so badly. I’m sorry about the neck. It breaks so easily. I should have put the brain somewhere safe. I wasn’t thinking.

Sorry about the wind-pipe and oesophagus too – should open in different places huh! I’ll know better next time!

But hey – putting the sex organs in with the excretory stuff – that was deliberate! My idea of a joke!  Pretty funny huh?

Now I know some of you are wondering how I made the earth in seven days when there aren’t any days in space. We didn’t get days until I’d made it and got it spinning but hey – I’m allowed a little poetic licence – right.

So why do I only appear to illiterate nomads in deserts thousands of years ago in wildernesses, caves and mountain tops, I hear you ask? Why don’t I just go on prime-time TV and appear at the Superbowl? Why don’t I appear where there’s a few witnesses? Why don’t I pop down today? I’ll tell you why – it’s because I like messing with your heads.

2 thoughts on “Hello! Pleased to meet you! I’m God.

  1. Very funny. One last thing that god should have said is, “Stop calling me God, because I’m not.”
    I doubt, though, that anyone will see the real humor in that.

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