Anthropocene Apocalypse – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIFE – 3.6 billion years old!


Yes – Happy Birthday planet Earth – by my reckoning a mere youngster of 4.55 Billion years!!   Happy birthday to you and many happy turns.

Yes – Happy Birthday life – 3.6 Billion years old today!!  My how you have grown! From a single little pretty cell to 14 million species (and falling by the minute)! What a big handsome hunk you’ve become! You’re looking good! (Except you’re not looking nearly as good as you were a mere hundred years ago!)

Who would have believed the way you have grown up. When you were just a slime you looked a mess! – Now look at you!  From majestic Redwood to wondrous Whale!

Happy Birthday hominids!!  20 million today! – You’ll soon be out of nappies!! Who’d have believed that just because you had a thumb, binocular vision and a slightly bigger cortex than most you’d get so above yourself?

Happy Birthday Homo!! – How the hell did you make 2.5 million when you’re such a destructive bunch of thoughtless monkeys? You’re only a few days old in evolutionary terms. Still throwing your toys out of the cot and pulling everything thing in sight to bits. Let’s hope you grow up soon before you’ve completely wrecked the joint!

Right now you’re in your selfish, greedy, self-centred, destructive baby phase. You think you know what you’re doing but you’re not looking at the big picture, are you? I think there’s a lot of schooling and education to go before you fully understand cause and effect!

If you chop down all the trees, you will have lots of money but no oxygen!

I hope you mature soon and develop a conscience.

I hope you start acting intelligent. Too much cortex, too much greed, not enough compassion or forward planning.

Too many of us!!!  Time we cut back!! Or there won’t be too many more birthdays!