More power to you Scotland!! And more power to us!!

There is an immense frustration for the Scots at having to be ordered about by the Tories in the South of England. The Tories have been wiped out North of the border. You can see why they have wanted independence. I would too.

I’ve wanted to be shot of the Tories all my life.

Scotland has been used, against their will, as a test-ground for poor policies such as the Poll Tax. That is unfair.

But this is not just true for Scotland. It is true for the regions of England too. I would never vote Tory and I’ve been lumbered with their arrogant divisive policies as well.

The problem is that these MPs live in London. The policies are all Southern-centric and particularly based on London. In education policies such as Specialisms may well have worked in London where the density of school provided choice but was absurd when foisted on rural regions where there was limited choice and to exercise it required travelling large distances.

The regions of Britain have never got a fair deal. You only have to look at the funding coming in to the northern regions compared to London and the south. You only have to look at the housing prices to see it. It is not too long ago that a top Tory minister was saying that Liverpool should not be rejuvenated but left to rot.

That has been the attitude towards the north.

Yet look at what has happened when Liverpool became the city of culture. It has been transformed. We are looking for Hull to follow suit.

What we all need is a unifying government with devolved powers to the regions so that we can create policies that make sense for our circumstances.

More power to you Scotland!!  – And more power to us!!