Thank you Scotland!

It is with great relief that I see Scotland has voted to stay in the union. I was really worried.

It would have been hell cutting all those triangles of blue out of our flag.

With the loss of those 41 Labour MPs we might have been lumbered with a Tory government forever!

The quarter of me that is Scottish might have wanted independence too!

We have avoided the ridiculously enormous cost involved with the separation. I remember the huge cost of the East Riding becoming Humberside. The separation of Scotland would have meant that paled into insignificance.

I believe that you have more clout and influence if you are bigger and someone has to stand up for sanity in this crazy world – it might as well be us!

It has created a lot of sadness in those rich law firms who were itching to make a killing out of deciding which bit of each oil rig was bought with English money, which with Welsh and Irish and which with Scottish – how much of the national debt should go to Scotland? Etc. etc. interminably and with the transfer of lots of gold into those law firms.

I want us to move to a bigger, more unified world with less inequality, nationalistic jingoism and boundaries. I want a bill of rights for everyone that controls pollution, protects us from fanaticism and exploitation and creates a sane approach to world population and conservation. I want a brotherhood of humanity and consign xenophobia and racism to the dustbin of the past where it belongs.

Thank you Scotland – sanity rules! We are better together!


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