The Dilemma for the Labour Party

The Dilemma for the Labour Party


The wealthy run the country for the benefit of themselves. They have set up a system whereby they have privilege and their rewards are exorbitant. They enjoy huge salaries and massive bonuses and avoid paying taxes on much of their income.

If the Labour Party produce policies that would begin to address the inequality and upset the establishment applecart, the establishment pulls out all the stops to prevent them.

This is precisely what we have seen with Corbyn. There was a campaign run for years by the media. Constant headlines in the Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, Times and others vilifying Corbyn, painting him as a Marxist extremist, an anti-Semitic, a supporter of the IRA, a supporter of Hamas, incompetent and incapable – a man who would bring the country to ruin. He was similarly reported by the TV companies – the BBC showing great bias.

These campaigns are so effective they poison minds and make Labour unelectable.

If elected the establishment use their financial power to undermine and cripple the economy.

This creates a dilemma.

In order to become elected the Labour Party took on Tory policies, a Thatcherite economy that did not threaten the rich establishment, and became New Labour – a watered down Tory party. When in power they did not tax the rich, close the tax loopholes or adequately solve the inequality. The establishment found them tolerable and they did not suffer the media crescendo that afflicted Corbyn.

So – does the Labour Party become watered down Tories in order to get elected?

Or do they stay true to their principles of fairness and counter the media tirade?