The World’s Greatest Psychedelic Bands (at least my Favourites).

Well firstly I would separate the US West Coast Acid Rock and Psychedelic Punk from the true British Psychedelic Bands.

In the late sixties the use of LSD sparked a huge change in music in Britain. Lots of groups started experimenting with sound and going psychedelic.

It is consequently very difficult to separate out what is a psychedelic band from that of a Progressive Rock band. A lot of the established bands (Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, Pretty Things, and even the Hollies and Status Quo) took on a psychedelic period. Some other of the newer bands mixed psychedelia with other styles. So Soft Machine, a Jazz fusion band had psychedelic elements. Not to worry. I’ll include them all.

During that period in 1967-70 I managed to see all of these bands like at places such as Middle Earth, UFO and the Marquee, as well as at all-nighters and festivals. Some great light shows (Tomorrow were particularly good with the first use of strobe that I’d seen) and stage antics.

Psychedelia was great.

So my favourites were:

Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett




Jimi Hendrix Experience

Arthur Brown



Incredible String Band


Soft Machine

New Animals

Dantalian’s Chariot

The Dream

Edgar Broughton Band

Pretty Things



Deep Purple

Love Sculpture



Soft Machine