New Year – completely realistic – resolutions!


In the past I have been criticised for being too much of an idealist. Some people considered that my resolutions were not pragmatic.

I always take advice on board and make relevant changes.

In order that I am not accused of being unrealistic, and taking on too much, I have decided to limit the number of resolutions to a number that are manageable so that I do not over-extend myself.

Eight resolutions seems the sort of number I could handle.

Here are my eight resolutions:

I resolve to –

  1. Halt the damage to the environment all over the world and put an end to the slaughter of the planet’s wild-life.
  2. Reverse the human population explosion! I reckon that reducing numbers to under 4 Billion would solve most of the problems (poverty, war, environmental destruction, resources, equality, migration etc.)
  3. Stop all war everywhere!
  4. Eradicate cruelty from human nature.
  5. Bring love, harmony and peace to all humanity.
  6. Create toleration between all people’s, creeds, religions, races and football supporters.
  7. End poverty, inequality, racism and misogyny.
  8. To replace organised religion with rational thought, awe, wonder and spirituality.

Well I think that is enough for me to be going on with for this year. The rest will have to wait until I’ve got these eight out of the way. Next year I’ll sort out another eight!

Now all I have to do is get these eight resolutions polished off!!

Wish me luck!!