Ever wonder where your money goes? None left for Nurses and Teachers!

All handed out to Tory chums with foreign tax havens.

Why don’t the media challenge them? Because they control the media!!

Give money to a nurse or teacher and they spend it in the country and it helps the economy. Give millions to a Tory donor and they stash it away in a tax haven abroad to avoid paying tax on it!

You won’t find this reported in the media because the media is owned by the Tories.

Matt Hancock’s family win £300,000 NHS contracts.

Great news for Matt Hancock and family. His sister owns a company called Topwood, and it’s just been given £300,000 in NHS contracts. Luckily for Matt, he has a 15% share in the company. Lovely stuff.

Just as long as they won it on merit and there was no sleaze, nepotism, cronyism, favouritism or the like – like all the other contracts. How’s Matt’s landlord doing??

Test and Trace Cartoon – £37 Billion – the money-spinner for Tory profiteers

There are millions of pounds given to procurers for PPE (two phones calls – thank you very much).

There are Billions for Dido Harding – 2300 managers on £163,000 a year. A system that has never worked.

There are millions given to firms who have no expertise in that area.

There is a pay freeze for carers, teachers and front-line workers. There is a 1% pay rise for nurses.

These are the days of lies, spin, corruption and gullibility.

The Trumps – where the sucker’s money goes!

As the poor Americans send in their donations the Trumps splash the cash on ridiculously expensive rubbish.

Melania’s handbag, costing $90,000, exceeds the entire income of at least three of those poor families!

Ever feel that you’ve been conned???

These rich billionaires have created their own swamp!!

A master conman taking America for a ride!!