Tory mismanagement of the economy? Why is it not being reported?



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The Tories were elected in 2010 to sort out the economy. Look at what has happened! Far from sorting it, they have made it far worse and we’ve all been paying the price (none more than those who’ve lost their jobs, those who are on low pay and all public servants – bankers and rich have been doing alright though).

Due to the Government’s significant budget deficit, the national debt is increasing by approximately £73.5 billion per annum, or around £1.4 billion each week.[1] As a result of its efforts to balance the budget, the Government forecast in 2014 that the structural deficit will be eliminated in the financial year 2017/18.[2] However it changed the year to 2018/19 in March 2015 and to 2019/20 in July 2015.[3]

In February 2013 Moody’s downgraded UK credit rating from Aaa to Aa1.

Am I missing something here? Wasn’t this government elected to eradicate the national debt?

Isn’t their mantra that they are good with money?

Aren’t they claiming Labour did a bad job?

Haven’t we gone through years of austerity in order to pay off the debt?

Then why are we borrowing more than ever before?
Why is the deficit larger than ever?

Why has the debt more than doubled under the Tories? And why is nobody kicking up a fuss?

Or am I missing something?


This article is very worry – they are setting up a one party state:



Tory record on national debt is appalling! Debt increasing by £2 Billion a week! Doubled under Tories!

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How can the Tories claim to be good financial managers? Their policies have created the slowest recovery from a recession in history. They have doubled the national debt in a mere five years!!

Under Labour with Blaire we were in surplus.

When Brown left the national debt was £.76 trillion.

In the 13 years of Labour government the National Debt increased by £420 Billion.

In the 5 years of Tory rule the National Debt has increased by £600 Billion.

The National Debt is now £1.56 Trillion – double what it was under Labour and increasing by 2 Billion a week.

That is some great financial management!! How do they get away with it? Sounds like complete mismanagement to me!