Tory record on national debt is appalling! Debt increasing by £2 Billion a week! Doubled under Tories!

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How can the Tories claim to be good financial managers? Their policies have created the slowest recovery from a recession in history. They have doubled the national debt in a mere five years!!

Under Labour with Blaire we were in surplus.

When Brown left the national debt was £.76 trillion.

In the 13 years of Labour government the National Debt increased by £420 Billion.

In the 5 years of Tory rule the National Debt has increased by £600 Billion.

The National Debt is now £1.56 Trillion – double what it was under Labour and increasing by 2 Billion a week.

That is some great financial management!! How do they get away with it? Sounds like complete mismanagement to me!