Photography – A few visions from Bali – land of incredible richness of beauty

The food, the people, the colours and the atmosphere were all superb. We loved it.

The whole island was adorned with Balinese Hindu worship. It seemed that the greatest industrial output was the manufacture of statues and offerings to the gods. It made for a colourful and often spectacular surrounds though one sometimes thought that some of that energy might be better directed to improving the roads and infrastructure. The gods were not coming through with the goods. The prayers were not answered.

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Like most places the population explosion made for crowded roads, shanty housing and encroachment into the countryside. There was a lot of poverty and squalor in between the beauty.

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We were fortunate to be invited to a Balinese wedding. It was beautiful. The colours were amazing. The people so friendly.

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The whole island is volcanic. There are many offerings to the volcanic gods. That seems to be the basis for a lot of their superstitions. Eruptions caused death and destruction. The gods needed appeasing. Skinnerian psychology at play.


The temples were opulent and lavish – truly spectacular. The culture was rich.

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The Paddy Fields with their terracing and luxuriant green were idyllic.  IMG_1399 IMG_1437

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