Religion – My views

I share 99% of my genes with chimps and gorillas – so do you!

I do not set out to promote hatred or disrespect. I set out to promote debate and stand up for freedom, equality and tolerance.

If you are of a religious persuasion and are easily upset by the outspoken views of a devout atheist and antitheist who believes all religion is medieval superstition then this is probably not your scene. If you proceed you will be offended. My advice is to stay out!

However, if you are religious and open-minded you may want to enter the debate.

If you are an atheist, antitheist, agnostic or couldn’t care less then you might find this interesting.

I wish nobody harm and would support your right to believe in whatever you want.

The one thing I know is that if there is a god then it must be me. I am the only thing I can be 100% sure exists.

If I had been born in Pakistan I’d believe in Mohamed, in Louisiana it would be Jesus and in India I would have believed in Shiva, Ganesh and the rest.

Fortunately my parents did not indoctrinate me with their views. I am sceptical about everything. As far as I’m concerned all religion is based on superstition. All religions will die away. We’ve already forgotten Baal, Isis, Zeus and a hundred thousand others that were all equally believed to be the answer.

We create religion because we are trying to understand the wondrous universe, our short lives and to come to terms with death. We are programmed to try to understand and find answers.

There are no answers. There are not even any questions.

The Earth is not flat; it is a sphere.

We live on a tiny planet in an outer spiral of a small galaxy called the Milky Way. Our sun is one of trillions of stars in our small galaxy. There are trillions of galaxies many of which are much bigger than ours.

I find it a trifle arrogant to suggest that anyone is part of a small tribe that God chose to speak to and created the whole universe for their benefit. That is clearly bollocks. Though to the indoctrinated it makes perfect sense.

I believe that the setting up of religious schools, madrassas and any other means of indoctrinating children is child abuse.

I do not attack your faith – I attack your religion.