Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Early Pink Floyd

Today I’ve been playing early Pink Floyd – psychedelic warriors from the London sixties underground.

Back in the day I would go to places like Middle Earth, UFO and the Roundhouse. Pink Floyd were the exciting house band with their light show and extended, mesmerising sounds. Nobody had heard anything like it. We used to dance!!

I was lucky enough to see them with Syd and then when Dave took over. They were exciting. Free concerts in Hyde Park, Parliament Fields and gigs at Fishmongers Arms and Eel Pie Island. Great times and great memories.

Back in those days they either played for free or for a ridiculous amount like 12p. I remember seeing them and Blossom Toes on Eel Pie Island for a staggering 18p.

I was slow to adapt. When they later became a stadium band I stopped going. Having seen them in small clubs for next to nothing I could not see why anyone would pay a fortune (pounds) to go and see tiny specks in the distance and a cruddy sound system. I missed out. I hadn’t appreciated the change in technology and different nature of the spectacle. We live and learn.

Anyway, today I play those early albums loud and true!