Music to exercise to! Rockin’ Health!

I try to do exercise every day – it’s good for the body and mind. I always feel better for it even if it is a bit of a pain at times and I really do not feel like it.

I have a treadmill and I do three miles with maximum slope at a very fast walk. While I am exercising I play music as loud as my headphones will go. I had to get special ones that went loud I like it loud.

My Walkman is loaded with my favourite stuff – three thousand tracks of dynamite which I play on random.

Today was fairly typical.

Rolling Stones – Ventilator Blues from Exile on Main Street

A dirty riff and great song to rock out on.

Bob Dylan – It Ain’t Me BabeĀ  from Another Side of Bob Dylan

From a time when Dylan was just pouring out all those brilliant songs one after another. The acoustic Dylan before he went electric. I prefer his more social songs but this is still a great one.

Captain Beefheart – Ella Guru – from Trout Mask Replica

The captain made some brilliant stuff with all those dirty guitat riffs and great drums. I think we all knew a few Ella Gurus.

Joe Ely – Are you Listen’ Lucky – from Live at Liberty Lunch

I like the power of it. Great to exercise to.

So there you go. You can play ’em all and do your own exercise to ’em.

Have fun!