Music to exercise to! Rockin’ Health!

I try to do exercise every day – it’s good for the body and mind. I always feel better for it even if it is a bit of a pain at times and I really do not feel like it.

I have a treadmill and I do three miles with maximum slope at a very fast walk. While I am exercising I play music as loud as my headphones will go. I had to get special ones that went loud I like it loud.

My Walkman is loaded with my favourite stuff – three thousand tracks of dynamite which I play on random.

Today was fairly typical.

Rolling Stones – Ventilator Blues from Exile on Main Street

A dirty riff and great song to rock out on.

Bob Dylan – It Ain’t Me Babe  from Another Side of Bob Dylan

From a time when Dylan was just pouring out all those brilliant songs one after another. The acoustic Dylan before he went electric. I prefer his more social songs but this is still a great one.

Captain Beefheart – Ella Guru – from Trout Mask Replica

The captain made some brilliant stuff with all those dirty guitat riffs and great drums. I think we all knew a few Ella Gurus.

Joe Ely – Are you Listen’ Lucky – from Live at Liberty Lunch

I like the power of it. Great to exercise to.

So there you go. You can play ’em all and do your own exercise to ’em.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Music to exercise to! Rockin’ Health!

  1. Oh no. I would think that is very much the wrong way to go.
    Walking downwards take a much greater toll on the wear and tear of knee joints.
    Speed walking downwards causes enhanced friction on knee cartilage sections as the knee is stretched from the joint, resulting in quicker wear and tear on specific sections of the cartilage. Not recommended for an older person or one with a weight problem.
    The quick way to welcome rheumatoid arthritis into one’s life!

      1. OK – so you reduce cartilage tension friction by 25%. Am I’m not laughing.
        Walk flat. You want to stretch, not crush! Your joints have nothing like the flexibility you had twenty, thirty years ago. So you have to adjust otherwise you cause damage to yourself. Go ahead, be my guest, but don’t say you didn’t know when you reach for that Zimmer frame.

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