Crime Wave Due to Tory Cuts!!

Crime has risen a massive 11% over this last year!!

A 16% increase in knife crime.

A 12% rise in murder.

A 30% rise in robberies

A 17% rise in vehicle theft.

A 2% increase in gun crime.

When the Tories came to power crime was steadily falling and had been doing for a long time.

In order to redirect money to their tax cuts for the rich they started their usual decimation of public services. Schools, hospitals, social services, police, local authorities and defence all that their budgets slashed. The employees were all given pay freezes and their pensions slashed.

We were told that we all had to tighten our belts because we had to live within our means – except that it did not seem to apply to the bankers or executives. Their pay was not slashed. Their bonuses were not reduced – only their taxes were reduced.

The slashing of police budgets has resulted in a fall of 20,000 police between 2010 and 2017. At a time when our population has increased we now have the lowest number of police since 1981.

Then we need to add in all the extra work they have to do on terrorism, cybercrime and paedophiles for which they have to direct resources. Instead of increasing numbers and budgets they have been slashed.

Consequently police are overworked, morale has fallen. There are staff shortages and increased workload. For the 4th consecutive year we have had big increases in crime with a fall in detection rate dropping to 9% – 91% of all crime goes unsolved!!! No wonder the criminals are having a field day.

The Tories are decimating our public services. Everything is falling apart before our eyes. Police, Prisons, Schools, Hospitals, Social Services, Mental Health Care, Local Councils, Libraries, Courts – you name it!!

Staff are leaving because of low pay and poor pensions, overwork and poor conditions.

If it wasn’t for Brexit causing the big distraction everyone would be in uproar!