My Surreal Sixties Weird Book – Part 2 Chapter 6 – More of the old I Am

I am only six pages from the end of this rewrite. The last third is the toughest to complete but I’m loving doing this.

I’m not sure how this reads to you, or whether the structure of the book is obvious? I probably shouldn’t let it near the light of day. Most writers keep these early things well out of sight.

This long I Am poem was an attempt to capture the mysticism of the unknown – the flux from which all things are formed. Back in my youth I was less atheistic than I am now but it is interesting for me to see that while I did not preclude a god I certainly wasn’t representing the ‘mind’  in any such manner.

The beginning is a mystery. Infinity and reality are wonders to be thought about with awe.

It never sat easily with a set of medieval writings to me. Religions do not contain the mysticism I write about.


I am the time of now

I am without limits

I am your protection from evil

I am your light in the dark

How can you worry when I am here?


I am the destroyer of universes

I am the life of the egg

I am the ultimate giver

I have no memory

There is nothing I do not know


I am the universal jester

I am but a child at play

I am fickle in all things

I can treat nothing as serious

My moves are whims


I have the powers of nature

I choose to watch

I choose to leave alone

I am happiest in play

My decisions are final


I create your laws

I create stability

I create order

I create the precision of the universe

There is nothing I cannot change


I am she you question

I am he you seek to play with

I am she you seek to befriend

I am he you seek to conquer

But first you must learn.

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