E Mail spam and nuisance posts. More SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM


While I’m on the subject of Spam I thought I would continue being a grumpy old man for a bit longer.

Doesn’t it get incredibly annoying when you receive tens of unsolicited emails advertising products?

Every morning I start the day eliminating all the posts that are unsolicited and trying to sell me something – holidays, kindle books, PPI, Korean girls, Asian girls, dating sites, Wonga, gambling sites, debt control, credit ratings ………..

Now if and when I ever get to wanting a date with a gorgeous Brazilian/Asian/Korean girl, to claim my PPI back, consolidate my loans, take up wasting my money on gambling or take a holiday to get away from the SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM, I will be sure to shun all the services on offer, investigate a good deal and do it elsewhere.

I cannot believe that anyone in the country still wants their PPI looking into or hasn’t got Solar Panels, a new boiler and insulation.

Does anyone ever take them up on their cold call offers. If they do they must be nuts!

As a writer who enjoys selling his books (and does from time to time send out blog posts about my books) I can sympathise with the book sellers. What really annoys me though is when they send you multiple adverts for the same book. If I didn’t want it the first time why would I want it the tenth time of asking? Sometimes there is a line of a dozen identical posts sitting there glaring at me. Marketing is fine but that is a turn off.

Only a fraction of this gets picked up on my Spam filters. I have to check my spam filter every day and delete the tens of spam messages. But worse – I have to go through all my E mails and delete each crap unsolicited one. This morning I ended up deleting fifty of them.

It takes time! Why do they do it?