Poetry – Sexual Equality

Sexual Equality


There are things that all girls should know

In matters of sexual equality:

With men it’s about quantity

With women it’s more about quality.


It’s the female’s role to attract and pick

While the males perform like a total prick.


It’s all about evolution,

Selection for the next generation;

A hormonal carnival

Directing the relation.


Which genes will merge

To create something better?

As we go about

Pairing up genetic letters.


So roll up, rollup, we’re all players in the game!

No matter what the play – it’s really all the same!

Different tactics based on gender

With a genetic package from the sender!


Opher – 22.5.2020

Poetry – The Pink or Blue Tsunami

The Pink or Blue Tsunami


There’s a pink or blue tsunami

That washes over babies,

Changing behaviour,

Changing brains,

Altering aspirations for ever.


What you play with,

How you are dressed,

What expectations,

Determine who you are

And what you will become.


That pink of blue tsunami

Is washing away

The dreams

Of so many baby girls.


Opher – 6.4.2020

Sexualised young girls and paedophiles.

What a strange world we live in. I was listening to the debate on women’s hour today concerning the Victoria’s Secrets lingerie presentation.
Society seems to be remarkable confused concerning sexual matters.
On one hand we have the sexualisation of young girls who are encouraged to purchase uplifting bras and buy sexy pink knickers with NAUGHTY written on them and on the other hand we have draconian safeguarding where normal nonsexual touch is now a criminal offence, no photos of children can be displayed, and as a male you cannot talk to or look at children without being accused of being a paedophile. The courts and media have paedophiles being wheeled out of every closet.
What is going on?
Perhaps we should have a non-hysterical debate?
Perhaps we should support a new positive zeitgeist?