Could this pandemic have been handled any worse??

Well Bolsonaro and Trump certainly gave Johnson a run for his money but our incompetent clown can’t have done much worse if he tried:

a. He ignored it for months

b. He was unprepared with no planning

c. The had run down the NHS so that there was no surplus

d. Complacency and ignorance ruled

e. Then ‘it only kills the over 80s – let it rip!’

e. Then panic and chaos.

f. Then a policy of herd immunity

g. then panic when the scientific modelling came in

h. Total panic building Nightingale Hospitals

i. Panic sending out contracts for PPE, Ventilators and testing equipment

j. Covid patients kicked out into Care Homes

k. No border controls

l. Lying, hypocrisy and cover-up

m. Locking down far too late

n. Opening up far too early with silly schemes – Eat out to Help out – Back to the office

o. Lack of clarity on action, U-turns and contradictions

p. Locking down far too late again

q. Silly soundbites and slogans – World-beating apps, world-beating track and trace, moonshots – All bloody useless

r. Chucking money right but not left or centre

s. Allowing Indian variant to flood into the country with no border controls or quarantine

t. Opening up too early and going for herd immunity again

It’s a litany of incompetence, stupidity, lies and bad decisions. At least he didn’t tell everyone to drink bleach!!

When do we get a public enquiry?
When are these fools held to account?????

Poetry – Welcome to Freedom Day!!

Welcome to Freedom Day!!

Welcome to Freedom Day!!

                The breeding ground;

The variant factory!

                Let the bodies pile up.

                                The elderly are expendible

We’re heading for herd immunity!

Let the nightclubs open –

                The superspreading playgrounds –

Dance wild and joyously!

                Forget hospitals and death

                                Crippling long covid

And the pings of inevitability!

Our foolish optimist,

                The wreckless clown of death,

Refuses to face reality!

                Ignoring the science,

                                Listening to the fools,

He opens up regardlessly!

Welcome to Freedom Day!!

                The breeding ground;

The variant factory!

                Let the bodies pile up.

                                The elderly are expendible

We’re heading for herd immunity!

Opher – 20.7.2021

Déjà vu – we were here last summer!!

We lockdown too late. We open up too soon!

It’s a game!

The bodies pile up while the world watches in shock.

Is this really Britain? The island of sense and sanity?

No longer.

We are being led by a populist clown who values his own absurd optimism over that of scientific modelling.

Deaths and long covid mean nothing to him!

So let the virus loose. Let the variants rain down on us.

We’ll dance as the Titanic goes down.

With a different captain that ship might still be with us!

Why going for Herd Immunity (again) will be a DISASTER!!

Johnson has caved in to his right wing. This Freedom Day is a populist ploy to court popularity which is backfiring horribly.

Thousands will die. It could be worse. We could find ourselves with a killer variant and no vaccine.

We are back to herd immunity. It’s an experiment, like they started right back at the beginning, and, in my opinion as big as mistake as back then. Here’s why:

a. We have 3.4 million vulnerable people who cannot be vaccinated because of health problems impacting on their immune systems. It is impossible to completely shield them. They are now in prison.

b. The vaccine is around 93% effective at preventing serious illness and death. 7% of our population is over 4.5 million.

c. The hospital entry rates seem to be rising at the same steepness as on the previous wave. That killed 100,000 people.

d. The number going down with long covid is extremely large. A lot of our youngsters might not die or need hospital treatment but will be damaged – many for life. They estimate there are over two million people already affected. That it affects 1 in 20. The results of allowing our kids to catch it could be dreadful.

e. The more virus there is the more mutation. Allowing the virus to flourish in a partially vaccinated country is a recipe for culturing variants. We only need one nasty one to evade the vaccine and we’re in lockdown at square 1.

f. The immune response to virus infection is much weaker than that of the vaccine and fades after only six months.

g. Then we have the antivaxxers – a group of vulnerable people who are becoming more at risk by the minute. A group who have, up until now, been protected by the law, the responsible behaviour of others, the level of vaccination and the low level of virus. A good number of those will become severely ill and die.

This is an experiment with no scientific basis. It’s political. Johnson has caved in to his right wing, abandoned science and heading for a disaster.

I’m double vaccinated and back in isolation.

Freedom Day – They are loose!

I went to the theatre a couple of weeks back. The audience were all old, double vaccinated. We had to wait outside. We had to wear masks. We were escorted to our seat in staggered intervals by masked attendants. The audience, a fraction of capacity, were spaced out. There were empty seats all around us. We had to keep our masks on and were escorted out.

Yesterday they opened the doors at the nightclub and hundreds of young unvaccinated people stormed in. There wasn’t a mask in sight. They danced and yelled in one great mass with no space between them in a confined space with poor ventilation..

If I was a virus I know which I’d prefer.

‘Prison Day’ is on us today! I’m back into full Lockdown!!

Today they take all the restrictions off and let the loonies out!

Today Boris calls it Freedom Day – but for half the population it’s more like risk of death day as Boris washes his hands of all responsibility.

The rest of the world watches in disbelief as we go for herd immunity again. Our numbers are out of control.

Scientists can’t believe it. The millions of vulnerable people who have compromised immune systems, the children, the unvaccinated, the ones for whom he vaccine hasn’t worked – for all of them it’s a day of fear!

The specter of long covid, ventilors and death looms large!

Stay safe – wear a mask and stay our of indoor places! The loonies are loose. The bloody government is infected! With any luck they’ll all succumb. What a message that would be!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 481

A sweltering day in Yorkshire, bright sunshine and temperatures in the 30s. I took my walk early to avoid the heat. In the afternoon I watched the Grand Prix (very exciting) and then we took one of my sons and his partner out for a meal. He chose Pizza Express. I was surprised to find such little Covid friendly measures. No through ventilation, people packed in as closely as normal without masks. It did not feel safe. Won’t be doing that again! Even a birthday meal isn’t worth that risk.

When I compare that to our theatre and cinema experiences – masks all the time, huge social spacing and great ventilation – there was no comparison. Pizza Express felt like a death-trap!

It just shows how bad things are going to get when the pubs are all full and all the unvaccinated youngsters are mingling. A recipe for disaster!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our dappy leader is blustering about like an overgrown Billy Bunter. They all been playing with Jarvid and now our Health Minister (the one who is responsible for the safety of the country) has gone down with Covid and been in close contact with most of the cabinet. Like true Tories they all ignored the pinging of their Track and Trace app. Unlike the lesser people they did not have to follow rules – just preach at others and instruct the police to hand out hefty fines. Then someone must have pointed out to them that this could turn into another Barnard Castle – one rule for plebs and one rule for Tories. They were forced into doing a U-turn. I wonder how stringently they will apply the isolation?

I think a lot of scientists and intelligent people are looking at the prospect of ‘Freedom Day’ with some dismay. The rest of the world is watching with disbelief. They think we’re nuts. We must be. We voted this incompetent Billy Bunter into the position. What does that say about us as a country?? It’s an experiment.

Looking around I see a big segment of people acting as if it is all over but we are at the beginning of what looks like being the biggest covid wave yet. There were another 51,256 cases yesterday. A short while ago they were talking about this reaching as high as 100,000 new cases a day. They’ve revised that. They are now talking about it reaching 200,000 a day.

That is staggering.

It is also very worrying. We keep hearing about the large percentage of adults who have been double jabbed but in actual fact it is only just over 50% of the population. There are 3.4 million who has no immunity because of cancer treatments or immune disorder. There are all the millions of kids under 18. There are the antivaxxers, many of whom are congregated in poor areas, ethnic minorities – those most vulnerable. Then there are the 7% who have had their two jabs but for whom it hasn’t worked. That adds up to around 30 million people!

The virus is laughing. You could not provide a better breeding ground. It’s as if Johnson has formed a pact with covid. He’ll help it spread like mad, throw up new variants and kill another hundred thousand, as long as it guarantees to buy him unlimited numbers of wallpaper!

Can you make deals with viruses like you can with the devil? Did he have to meet it at the crossroads at midnight? Or cut his hand and exchange blood?

We’ll never know.

I wonder how many dead we’ll have by next year?

I wonder how many of our kids will be severely damaged by Long Covid?

As he is loathe to introduce vaccination of kids he has gone for infection in order to achieve herd immunity!

Remember herd immunity? That’s what we set out to do at the beginning of the pandemic – when they modelled it and found it might kill a few million!!

Pile p the bodies! Ignore the pings! Cash is what matters! Roll up Tory donors there are lucrative contracts to be signed!!

Let Rome burn! I’m busy fiddling!!

Well I for one will be locking back down tomorrow. I shall be organising home deliveries and not going inside anywhere. One was enough!!

Prison day is upon us.

Stay safe. The beginning is nigh!!