Could this pandemic have been handled any worse??

Well Bolsonaro and Trump certainly gave Johnson a run for his money but our incompetent clown can’t have done much worse if he tried:

a. He ignored it for months

b. He was unprepared with no planning

c. The had run down the NHS so that there was no surplus

d. Complacency and ignorance ruled

e. Then ‘it only kills the over 80s – let it rip!’

e. Then panic and chaos.

f. Then a policy of herd immunity

g. then panic when the scientific modelling came in

h. Total panic building Nightingale Hospitals

i. Panic sending out contracts for PPE, Ventilators and testing equipment

j. Covid patients kicked out into Care Homes

k. No border controls

l. Lying, hypocrisy and cover-up

m. Locking down far too late

n. Opening up far too early with silly schemes – Eat out to Help out – Back to the office

o. Lack of clarity on action, U-turns and contradictions

p. Locking down far too late again

q. Silly soundbites and slogans – World-beating apps, world-beating track and trace, moonshots – All bloody useless

r. Chucking money right but not left or centre

s. Allowing Indian variant to flood into the country with no border controls or quarantine

t. Opening up too early and going for herd immunity again

It’s a litany of incompetence, stupidity, lies and bad decisions. At least he didn’t tell everyone to drink bleach!!

When do we get a public enquiry?
When are these fools held to account?????

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