How we should be dealing with the Covid-19 Crisis.

This is not rocket science. The basis for all of this should have been thought through before hand in contingency planning – as with the Cygnus Exercise and Report.

The virus is spread through aerosols and droplets – not so much through touch or surfaces (low risk)

a. When there is a pandemic the first thing to do is shut borders and quarantine all in-comers.

b. Test and test, test some more, isolate those infected quickly

c. Wear a mask to catch droplets

d. Only meet outside

e. Socially distance

f. If you have to go indoors – mask, distance and ventilate, ventilate, ventilate, ventilate, ventilate!

Viruses love indoor spaces with stagnant air. They like it crowded. They like people breathing hard, shouting, singing or being energetic. Just like you get in a pub or nightclub!!

Why are we making all the same mistakes over and over again??????

We still haven’t got secure borders

Our T&T is useless

We are not testing and isolating quickly

We have opened up indoor meetings (pubs, restaurants and nightclubs)

We’re being led by an idiot!!

3 thoughts on “How we should be dealing with the Covid-19 Crisis.

  1. Opher, I agree with some of your points but not with others. It’s been a really nice day today and I’m in a bit of a mellow mood, so I’ll only comment that your point (F) reminded me of Tom Lehrer’s “The Vatican Rag.”

    BTW, I was going to comment on your other thread, but while walking this morning I saw about 100 swifts doing the nearest swifts can do to a “murmuration.” At one point I had about 20 of them flying around me in all directions, mostly 20 or less feet above the ground. There’s no shortage of insects (or, indeed, the more visible butterflies) in my part of the world this summer!

    1. Cheers Neil. Lol to be compared to Tom Lehrer – well. I’ll settle for that. Genuflect,genuflect, genuflect!
      Glad to hear that the swifts and insects are doing well where you are. It’s nice to know that they are bucking the trend in some parts of the country. Extremely reduced where I am.

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