The Corona Diaries – Day 485

Another scorcher. The hairs on my arms are frying. I went for an early walk today before the sun became too hot. That didn’t work!

It didn’t stop the birds though. A buzzard flew low overhead chased and mocked by a chastising posse of small birds. That was fun. At the top of my hill there was a cool breeze which helped. A kestrel was slowly circling and hovering searching for some prey.

I returned home to start the editing of my first Roy Harper book. I was trying to find the photos I needed. Took me ages and all I could find were small versions. Very frustrating.

Out in Coronaland we’re heading for more of a muddle and another batch of U-turns. The covid passports are a complete fudge. They were going to do them. Now they are not. The right-wingers just want the weak dead and be done with it. Freedom at all costs! Who gives a fuck! They know the total relaxing of all rules is going to be a disaster and are laying the foundations for an about turn. Of course, it won’t be the return of lockdown; they’ll give it another name! The opening of nightclubs and pubs will need looking at as well as mask wearing.

They don’t know what the hell they are doing!

The more the loathsome Cummings says the more obvious the chaos.

The PM is unfit to govern.

He’s surrounded with imbeciles.

He’s been panicking, dithering about, vacillating and U-turning like mad.

We now have a Pingdemic with 600,000 isolating. Supermarkets, hospitals, transport, industry – it’s all affected. The country is falling apart!

Does our clown in chief address this quickly?? No. He is not renowned for quick decision making – only lying soundbites!

They panicked when they saw what was happening in nightclubs – the reality! What did Billy Bunter do? He decided that they would bring in a vaccine passport for the end of September! Only the double jabbed could go in! Hang on a minute! In two and a half months time all those over-confident kids will have probably had covid and either be dead or suffering long covid and not be able to go out clubbing!

The scientists are now saying that the antibody levels soon decline. Without a six monthly booster we’re in perpetual covid!

I did a quick check of New Zealand – 7 new cases. No new deaths. Only 26 deaths through the whole pandemic! Bit of a contrast!!

So, as our hospital admissions go up 55% in 2 weeks; deaths go up to 73 – up 43%; 3.7 million people are back into shielding, the virus is going mad and rising fast in our area, things are not looking good.

But at least they got Brexit done – so we are all much poorer and have lost numerous rights. We can look forward to lower wages, zero hour contracts and a life, as a little island of no consequence, to a life of perpetual austerity!

Well done Johnson! Boris the plonker!

Stay safe!!

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