‘Prison Day’ is on us today! I’m back into full Lockdown!!

Today they take all the restrictions off and let the loonies out!

Today Boris calls it Freedom Day – but for half the population it’s more like risk of death day as Boris washes his hands of all responsibility.

The rest of the world watches in disbelief as we go for herd immunity again. Our numbers are out of control.

Scientists can’t believe it. The millions of vulnerable people who have compromised immune systems, the children, the unvaccinated, the ones for whom he vaccine hasn’t worked – for all of them it’s a day of fear!

The specter of long covid, ventilors and death looms large!

Stay safe – wear a mask and stay our of indoor places! The loonies are loose. The bloody government is infected! With any luck they’ll all succumb. What a message that would be!!