Poetry – That’s OK with me!

That’s OK with me!

We can’t go outside now

And there’s no football on TV

But I’ve got loads of bogroll

So that’s OK with me!

I’m eating up my pasta

With baked beans for my tea.

I’ve got three thousand sanitizers

So that’s OK with me!

I wash my hands a thousand times

So what will be will be

So long as it just affects other people

That’s OK with me!

They are letting us all catch it

To give herd immunity

So I’m staying outside the herd

And that’s OK with me!

Opher – 15.3.2020

The mentality of the general public is something to see. I’ve never seen such rabid panic. OK – it’s a minority but it sure looks crazy to me!

Stocking up is one thing but this smacks of something more. The media is fuelling the madness by telling everyone of the shortages.

It’s every man for himself!! Who cares about everyone else?

While the other side of town the volunteers are selflessly helping everyone else! The two sides of human nature are on display.

From the look of things it reflects the politics!

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