Poetry – Taxes

I was inspired to write this by the ‘revelation’ that Trump pays no taxes. It’s something we’ve always known. It is why he doesn’t release his tax returns. He’s a scammer, a fraud and a cheat.

If billionaires like Trump get away with paying little the burden falls on everyone else. He can afford it; many can’t. Why should we all have to pay taxes while the rich use loopholes to avoid it?

They are the same robber barons who stole the land and made themselves rich at our expense!


They pay no taxes – so we pay more

But they use our roads

They drink the water

Breathe the air.

They earn millions – but look for loopholes,

Pay their accountants,

Invest their loot.

Is this fair?

They pay no taxes on the money they earn

From exploiting us

With inflated prices


They pay no taxes but we must pay.

They squirrel it away


Without a care.

The same robber barons from long ago

Who stole the land,

Made us slaves

And took our share.

Opher – 28.9.2020

The Question really is: ‘How Did Such An Inept Lying, Cheating, Self-Serving, Buffoon Be Allowed To Become Prime Minister?’

The truth is that whole rancid Tory Party would sell their souls for power! Years of austerity for the poor and plenty for the wealthy, illegal donors, Russian backhanders, blow jobs in the office, cronyism down the VIP lanes, illegal actions, illegal holidays from secret donors, illegal lobbying, illicit privatisation of NHS, wallpaper, partying, lies about Brexit, Lies about everything.

Have the people finally worked out that he isn’t the fun, cuddly Boris – he’s the sleazy, corrupt, lying chancer he’s always been – and the Tory Party are really a bunch of asset strippers making a fortune for themselves at our expense.

Political oblivion for the Tories sounds good to me!!

More Lying Distraction!

Somehow the Tories want us to believe that a working break for a meal at an important by-election meeting is comparable to a series of twenty-odd parties in Downing Street!!

Party hats, bring your own bottle, party games, booze smuggled inside shopping trolleys equates to a curry and bottle of beer at a critical by-election planning meeting.

Are people that gullible??

Wouldn’t it be great if Starmer was found to have breached regs? (which he won’t be) – He’d resign immediately and show up all these lying Tories for what they are.

Poetry – The Big Dog and the Red Meat

The Big Dog and the Red Meat

Chuck the fools

                The red meat.

                                Slit the throats

                                                Of the scapegoats.

Help the liar

                Keep his seat.

                                Distract the groats

                                                Images of small boats.

Rally around

                The Big Dog.

                                Feed them headlines.

                                                Scrap the BBC!

Conjure a narrative

                We can all flog.

                                Full of fear –

                                                Immigrants over the sea.

A Tory chorus

                In unison.

                                How the shambling clown

                                                Got Brexit done!

The invisible leader

                Vaccinated everyone,

                                The bungling bumbler

                                                At work not fun.

Law breaking



                                                The norm.


                Is really

                                Good form.

But the polls

                Are watched

                                The knives are drawn.

Opher 17.1.2022

The Tories will do anything to hang on to power – throw anyone under the bus, lie, cheat, spin.

They’re good at it.

They all come together to recite the mantra, repeat the lies they have concocted.

They sing from the same hymn sheet.

But only as long as it is in their interests.

While Johnson is an asset to buy them power they will back him.

As soon as he’s a liability he’ll be discarded like the useless shambling clown he really is.

They are all greedy power-mad nasty types.

All conmen and nasty women. All eager for wealth and power.

No granny is safe.

Boris Johnson – The Teflon Man

Why is it that some people are annihilated by public anger over lies, corruption and affairs while others are excused?

Only a short while ago politicians were being lambasted and even locked up for expenses fiddling – yet Johnson, in the course of a squalid four year affair with Jennifer Arcuri gives her £100,000 of our money and hardly a word is said. The word corruption is hardly spoken. Clinton was destroyed over a sexual indiscretion in the Whitehouse but Trump was completely excused his sordid sex romps with strippers and whores and even his dubious associations with Epstein.

Is there really one rule for Trump and Johnson and another for everybody else?

Then we have all the blatant lies – £350 million a week for the NHS, oven-ready deals, ring of protection, no checks on borders, no threat to Ireland, talk of the union splitting up is project fear, no tariffs and no checks, moonshots and world-beating.

In fact there is a whole website devoted to recording the lies told by Boris Johnson:

The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government. (boris-johnson-lies.com)

Then the racism. Corbyn was lambasted over antisemitism but Johnson is absolutely fine with Islamophobia.

Whether it is sordid affairs and philandering, lies, racism or shambolic ineptitude – nothing seems to stick!!

Why is that?

Could it be that the Tories control the media with their massive propaganda machine?

Poetry – Who’s Not Paying his Taxes?

Who’s Not Paying his Taxes?

Who’s not paying his taxes?

Who’s telling porky pies?

Who is not listening

To the peoples’ cries?

Who is arrogantly pouting?

Who is giving out abuse?

Who is shouting fake news

Every time they are accused?

Who is using dirty tricks

To inflame and divide?

Using derogatory language

That many can’t abide?

Who is operating in chaos

While feeding his base?

Who always has a smirk

Riding on his face?

Who’s embarrassing his country

With all his silly lies?

Refusing to concede

Until the day he dies.

Who lost the election

In the nastiest of a race?

Who will be booted out of office

An absolute disgrace??

Opher – 25.11.2020

Trump will go down as the worst President in history – and that takes some doing. There have been some real snorters.

While pandering to the most atrocious groups in society, the militias, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK, and religious fanatics, he has operated in chaos. Pandering to foreign tyrants, like Putin and Kim Jong-Un and enraging allies. Never has there been a more surly arrogant man in office. I’m sure there have been many his equal in terms of racism and sexism, and I’m sure that many have shared his sexual appetites, but I doubt that many have combined those unpleasant characteristics as thoroughly.

Trump takes the prize.

Now that he is being booted out we’ll see what comes to light about his business dealing and tax evasion. He has many associations with known paedophiles, mafia connections and criminals. He hasn’t paid any taxes for years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t end his days behind bars.

The best place for him. He’d look good in stripes.