Poetry – Who’s Not Paying his Taxes?

Who’s Not Paying his Taxes?

Who’s not paying his taxes?

Who’s telling porky pies?

Who is not listening

To the peoples’ cries?

Who is arrogantly pouting?

Who is giving out abuse?

Who is shouting fake news

Every time they are accused?

Who is using dirty tricks

To inflame and divide?

Using derogatory language

That many can’t abide?

Who is operating in chaos

While feeding his base?

Who always has a smirk

Riding on his face?

Who’s embarrassing his country

With all his silly lies?

Refusing to concede

Until the day he dies.

Who lost the election

In the nastiest of a race?

Who will be booted out of office

An absolute disgrace??

Opher – 25.11.2020

Trump will go down as the worst President in history – and that takes some doing. There have been some real snorters.

While pandering to the most atrocious groups in society, the militias, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK, and religious fanatics, he has operated in chaos. Pandering to foreign tyrants, like Putin and Kim Jong-Un and enraging allies. Never has there been a more surly arrogant man in office. I’m sure there have been many his equal in terms of racism and sexism, and I’m sure that many have shared his sexual appetites, but I doubt that many have combined those unpleasant characteristics as thoroughly.

Trump takes the prize.

Now that he is being booted out we’ll see what comes to light about his business dealing and tax evasion. He has many associations with known paedophiles, mafia connections and criminals. He hasn’t paid any taxes for years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t end his days behind bars.

The best place for him. He’d look good in stripes.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Who’s Not Paying his Taxes?

    1. You are right Anthony. We seem to value certain qualities in our leaders – brashness, arrogance and over-confidence being some. It favours narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths. We want decisiveness – even if it kills us.

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