Boris Johnson – The Teflon Man

Why is it that some people are annihilated by public anger over lies, corruption and affairs while others are excused?

Only a short while ago politicians were being lambasted and even locked up for expenses fiddling – yet Johnson, in the course of a squalid four year affair with Jennifer Arcuri gives her £100,000 of our money and hardly a word is said. The word corruption is hardly spoken. Clinton was destroyed over a sexual indiscretion in the Whitehouse but Trump was completely excused his sordid sex romps with strippers and whores and even his dubious associations with Epstein.

Is there really one rule for Trump and Johnson and another for everybody else?

Then we have all the blatant lies – £350 million a week for the NHS, oven-ready deals, ring of protection, no checks on borders, no threat to Ireland, talk of the union splitting up is project fear, no tariffs and no checks, moonshots and world-beating.

In fact there is a whole website devoted to recording the lies told by Boris Johnson:

The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government. (

Then the racism. Corbyn was lambasted over antisemitism but Johnson is absolutely fine with Islamophobia.

Whether it is sordid affairs and philandering, lies, racism or shambolic ineptitude – nothing seems to stick!!

Why is that?

Could it be that the Tories control the media with their massive propaganda machine?

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