The Question really is: ‘How Did Such An Inept Lying, Cheating, Self-Serving, Buffoon Be Allowed To Become Prime Minister?’

The truth is that whole rancid Tory Party would sell their souls for power! Years of austerity for the poor and plenty for the wealthy, illegal donors, Russian backhanders, blow jobs in the office, cronyism down the VIP lanes, illegal actions, illegal holidays from secret donors, illegal lobbying, illicit privatisation of NHS, wallpaper, partying, lies about Brexit, Lies about everything.

Have the people finally worked out that he isn’t the fun, cuddly Boris – he’s the sleazy, corrupt, lying chancer he’s always been – and the Tory Party are really a bunch of asset strippers making a fortune for themselves at our expense.

Political oblivion for the Tories sounds good to me!!

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