Amanda Gorman inauguration poem!

Just what we needed to set a different tone to that created by Trump. The world needs change and positivity!!

Good on you Amanda!!

(1) Amanda Gorman reads a poem at inauguration – YouTube

Poetry – End and Begin

End and Begin


                The militia


Racists and supremacists




                Superstition and ignorance




                The fabric of society




                Inequality and poverty




                Empathy and compassion

Opher – 3.11.2020

Ending the populist division of Trump, the empty promises, the lies, the corruption and greed.

Beginning to build something better based on caring and compassion; something for everyone, a fairer country.

Let’s hope. Let’s hope sanity wins. Let’s hope that violence and bullying lose.

Presidential election – Who to choose to protect nature and long-term economic security?

We’ve all seen the terrible fires in Australia, Africa, South America and California. We’ve seen the floods, hurricanes and strange weather patterns.

It is only going to get worse and not only cause mass devastation, mass migration and huge damage to nature; it is also going to ruin economies and cost a fortune.

We need our rainforests, don’t we? We need environmental stability, don’t we?

How long does a forest last when you put in place a President who has removed legislation on mining and logging, reduced environmental standards, doesn’t believe in global warming, promotes fossil fuels and wants to exploit the environment for quick profit (basically anything goes if you can make a buck and temporarily boost the economy) or a President who wants to move away from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy, who believes in protecting the environment, who knows that we have damaging global warming and would be part of a world-wide struggle to protect nature, with things like the Paris Accord, who believes in science and will fund it properly – let me see now – this is a difficult one isn’t it?