Prague – In late afternoon Autumn sunlight – photos

We backed back down from the hills and along the river bank. The sun was getting low, the light golden. The city glowed.

Prague -n Autumn Clothes – reds and yellows of Autumn finery – photos

The Autumn sunshine brought brought everything to life. The yellows and reds of the trees wove a colourful cloak to hang around the buildings. We went up to the hills and looked down. The foliage was an eiderdown as the city prepared to sleep.

Sutton Bank and the White Horse

Yesterday was a sunny day in Yorkshire. We went for a walk along the cliffs by the White Horse at Sutton Bank.

The air was so clear. It was very atmospheric. The views were spectacular.

In order to see the white horse properly you had to be further away. Unfortunately its head was invisible.

The trees were going into their Autumn colours.

Photography – Around Byland Abbey with Autumn colour on a grey, misty day.

Photography – Around Byland Abbey with Autumn colour on a grey, misty day.

Undeterred by the clammy fog that dampened our hair and sent tendrils of frigid mist into the depths of our lungs we valiantly set off to explore the autumn colours around Byland Abbey. No ray of sun struck forth to lift the gloom. The colours refused to shine. But we shone instead. We strode manfully up hills and down dales and ignored the droplets of cloying moisture that adhered to our clothes. We ate our sandwiches and watched the fog drifting through the trees and over the hills and allowed our imagination to pierce its folds. I took some photos. I thought they might prove atmospheric. Oh well.

The abbey was nice. I like historic ruins (I’m becoming one myself). Henry VII had a whale of a time pulling them all down. It must have been hugely impressive back in its day – particularly when in 1166 the populace were all living in wattle and daub shacks.P1050326 (2)

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