The Corona Diaries – Day 687

I got up this morning to the most beautiful sunrise. The sky was tinged with reds, pinks and oranges. Fabulous.

It was much warmer today. I’ve spent most of the day building shelves. Nearly finished now!! I’m getting quite good at it.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues. Our clown is being threatened from all sides.

The public are rejecting him. They no longer believe him or respond to his optimistic lies and bubbly personality. They are beginning to see him as the dorky conman and profiteer he really is. They see that he’s lying and has double standards. They see that his persona is all feigned. His popularity has dived. That puts a lot of pressure on him. If he is no longer an asset then what is he? Do they have to put up with his incompetence or is it time to get rid of him?

The Tories are now well behind in the polls. Many backbenchers are looking to see if they can hold their seats and think it’s looking unlikely. Ditching Johnson and putting Sunak in might improve their chances.

The media have turned on him. They no longer portray him as a dear old bean; he’s become an incompetent shambling twerp. The endless lies, sleaze and parties have taken their toll.

Johnson is a liability.

The backbenchers now have power over him – and those backbenchers are the same rabid nutcases who have caused such trouble for the country for decades. They did for Thatcher, Major and Cameron. They are ruthless. They are also very extreme. They are royalist, nationalist right-wing imbeciles. Their xenophobia and racism is part of their elitism. Many of them are extremely wealthy and all they are interested in is making more money. They see the poor and public services are parasites. If you’re not making lots of money you are worthless. They feel entitled.

They do not care about people; they care about profit.

These are the people now threatening Johnson. If he doesn’t do what they say they will send in their letters to Chairman Graham Bailey. It only takes 55 letters to trigger a leadership election. They have him over a cliff.

They want the country completely opened up and don’t care about the cost in lives. Money talks.

These are extremely unpleasant people.

We’ll see how it goes.

So, yesterday there were another 141,472 new cases with 97 deaths. It’s coming down. Does that mean it is over? No way!

There have now been 14 million confirmed cases in the UK. There are still a lot of people who can catch it and then people getting reinfected.

I was thinking about all those millions of infected people and wondered just how many trillion viruses there are?

How long will it be until the virus will be endemic (low levels within one country). Right now it is a pandemic (high levels through many countries at the same time). An epidemic is when there are high levels in one country.

Can we live with Covid? Yes. When we get to a point where we have herd immunity – ie. enough people have the antibodies (either through vaccination or illness). the levels will go down substantially. It will be endemic. We could find that we develop drugs to deal with it or prevent it.

The problem we might have is that there will inevitably be more variants. They could be problematic – more infectious, avoiding vaccines and antibodies, much nastier. Nobody knows.

There is already a Deltacron variant (a mixture of Delta and Omicron).

The good news is that it appears that getting the common cold produces T-cells that are effective against covid. That might help!!

Out in Australia an entitled tennis player evades the laws and selfishly thinks of nobody else but himself. I hope they kick Novaxx out!!

Stay safe!! We’re heading for an endemic end!! (A way off yet though!!)

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