Poetry – The Money Tree

The Money Tree

The money tree is alive and well

It is growing in the Cayman Isles!

We’re gonna dig it up and bring it home

And bring back all those smiles!

The wealthy have been stashing loot

Down the tax loophole.

Inequality is out of control!

Time to pivot the polls!

We want our money back

Because we know we’ve earnt it.

The rich have more than their share

It’s time that we turn it!

Opher – 21.11.2019

Mrs Brown and her boys, like thousands of entertainers, sportspeople and business people, were typical. They get paid enormous sums and have been using tax loopholes to stash millions away offshore completely tax free!! For the wealthy tax is optional.

It begs a few questions:-

Why aren’t they paying taxes like the rest of us?

Why don’t the government close the tax loopholes?

How does the Cayman Islands get away with it?

Time to get the Tories out and deal with this gross inequality!!!

2 thoughts on “Poetry – The Money Tree

  1. Opher – to accompany your blog-post, there’s an informative article on the BBC News site, ‘Why do offshore tax havens still exist?’ that readers might find interesting. Links to further articles regarding this specific topic are shown at the end of the original post. (1)


    (1) – https://www.bbc.com/news/business-33628020

    P.S: ‘Gross inequality’ in the U.K – I’m sure your creative mind can correlate this phrase with the term Gross Domestic Product!

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