Poetry – The Bubble and the Rubble.

The Bubble and the Rubble.

Behind their gates,

With private security,

Public schools,

And privileged purity,

The elite live in a bubble.

Raking cash in

With great alacrity;


With impunity;

The elite create rubble.

Opher 20.11.2019

The billionaires have never had it so good. Under the Tory austerity they are flourishing.

The poor get poorer.

The rich get richer.

And the poor are told by the Express, Sun and Mail to blame it on the EU.

Brexit is the perfect deception – a fog obscuring the way the poor are being robbed.

As the schools and hospital decay, peoples pensions are robbed, pay stagnates, zero hours flourishes, low pay is the norm, unions are castrated, crime increases, food banks flourish, homelessness is on the rise, the Tories give tax cuts to the rich and big corporations. The rich get fat on the wreckage of society.

But do they care?

Behind their gated security, in their penthouses, mingling with their rich chums, they are separated from the devastation left in their wake.

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