Poor Novaxx Jokeyouritch!!

Gosh – I do feel sorry for him!! A few days trapped in a hotel with only the whole of the world’s media, a mass of fans, family and friends for company. He can’t even get the cordon bleu cooking he’s used to!

Must be hell.

Not like all those refugees who have been stuck in shoddy rooms, with lousy food for years with no contact with anyone!! They have it easy!!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell!

4 thoughts on “Poor Novaxx Jokeyouritch!!

  1. Opher – The issue of immigration and refugees and the often protracted manner in which the process unfurls in Australia is, I think, a completely separate entity altogether. Novax had/has no intention to settle in Australia and isn’t a refugee being supported by the state. He won his court-case but the Australian immigration minister still has power to re-cancel his visa. However, over-ruling the judge wouldn’t look good for the Oz government.

    As to Novax’s sense of entitlement: I’m quite certain someone with his wealth and fame is very accustomed to being in a position to afford indulgence, comfort, and a high level of service…not something he is ever likely to find the taxpayer providing for in a quarantine hotel. So, perhaps with hindsight, he should have considered how his comments would be perceived.

    What is alarming, and what will require clear explanation is how Novax was permitted to attend an award presentation the day after his positive PCR test, confirmed at 20.19 on Dec 16th. Surely that broke the law?


    1. Yes – totally different – I was merely correlating the hysteria around Novaxx’s ‘detention’ for a few days in a hotel with the plight of thousands of refugees crammed into substandard punitive accommodation for years with no amenities or hope.
      It looks to me as if Novaxx never had the covid he says he had. That award ceremony suggests that to me. It was a fabrication.

      1. It is an endless struggle. Good people throughout the world strive to make the world a fairer more compassionate place. It’s probably better than it was!

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