The Corona Diaries – Day 173

Great day today. We went for a long walk at Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay. Met up with a couple of friends, had fish and chips and a beer or two while keeping suitably distanced. We put the world to rights. Castigated Trump and Johnson. Lamented Brexit. Discussed the latest travesty as the Tories dump human rights. Had a glass or two of wine. Watched the sun over the sea and the glow on the ruins of Whitby Abbey and came home suitably refreshed!!

It is still strange times that we are living!!

I’m now back in my room, playing some Sleepy John Estes, and turning my attention to the Coronavirus fiasco! Oh for sanity and good government. All this bunch of extreme nutters care about is Brexit!!

So here we are – Human Rights dumped under the pretext of it stopping criminals and terrorists being deported and lines solicitors pockets. It’s like reading the Daily Mail or Daily Express. They take away your rights and protection and tell you that you’re better off. It’s Orwellian.

So here we are safe with the Tories.

Our human rights dumped.

Our workers’ rights dumped.

Environmental rights trashed.

Food standards dumped.

International laws broken.

Irish situation in turmoil.

Scotland about to leave the union.

The easiest deal in the world proves the hardest.

The South of England about to become a lorry park.

Tariffs on goods.

Billions spent on new customs buildings and staff.

Food and goods about to go up in price.

More bureaucracy and red tape.

A loss of our freedom to travel without restriction.

World-beating apps dumped.

World-beating Track and Trace – a joke.

Oven-ready Brexit – a joke.

Worst death-rate in the world.

Worst hit economy in the world.

A PM who is a clown.

Operation Moonshot – something out of a bad Sci-fi comic.

I bet you’re glad we put this bunch in with an 80 seat majority!

With 3330 new cases, a steep rise, the R number above 1, hospital cases rising, deaths rising – we can look forward to a lovely winter!! The Barnard Castle effect means that nobody takes a blind bit of notice of Billy Bunter and his team of incompetent, greedy clowns.

Same in the USA – another 39,184 new cases and 696 deaths – so much for this Deep State hoax!! But Bolsonaro is envious. He could only muster 33,523 new cases! He’s in danger of falling behind in the race for global ineptitude!! But he did manage 814 more deaths!!

One would have thought that people might be beginning to wake up to the correlation – if you elect populist clowns you get incompetent government. If you elect leaders who are stupid, don’t read, don’t believe science and are selfish, greedy and narcissistic – when you get an emergency their failings show up!! Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro – the three stooges!! How many lives have they wrecked???

Stay safe everyone. They’ll be elections. We can restore sanity!

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