Poetry – A Tessellated Dream

A Tessellated Dream


I live in a world of strings

Lost in a few dimensions.

Reality is lost to my eyes

As I inhabit our inventions.

The macrocosm and microcosm

Are invisible to me

And time is fleeting

In this reality.

For there is no such thing

As substance or stability

The illusion is convincing though

I struggle to really see.

I’m very leery of the m-theory.

Things are not what they seem to be.

All time exists as a single moment

And in the quantum universe

Things exist and don’t exist

It’s really quite perverse.

This world may not be as it seems

As we splutter out of these tessellated dreams.


Opher – 5.9.2020

2 thoughts on “Poetry – A Tessellated Dream

  1. Nice work, Opher. I too am confused by string theory and M-theory, even though I understand the equivalence of space and time. But until the practitioners can put forward a convincing theory of why time flows (or appears to) I’ll continue to regard them as charlatans.

    1. I find it fascinating. Having just read the Stephen Hawking book I was inspired. I like the idea of all time being present at the same time – so nothing is ever lost. It does smack a bit of predestination though. I think they are talking about 11 dimensions – though some say thirteen – all scrunched up. Then things appearing and disappearing. It all appeals to me.

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