Poetry – Unlocked but Rudderless

Unlocked but Rudderless


We’re coming out of hibernation!

The dam has been breached!

They’ve unlocked the whole nation –

Though contacts can’t be reached!


Let’s be clear – we’re not out of the woods.

Try telling that to the rampant mobs

Out celebrating and buying goods,

Clogging up beaches with gangs of yobs.


The government strategy – Suck it and see!

Perhaps it’s sugar-candy or maybe novichok?

Government policy – what will be will be!

With public places jammed chock-a-block.


Next week they open up the pubs

Because a man must have a beer!

Then cinemas and clubs

Though the price might prove a little dear!


The clarity of their directions

Is not clear through all this gloom.

Will they gain in popularity?

Or will a second wave loom?


Opher – 26.6.2020

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