The Corona Diaries – Day 101

Today Johnson, who is suffering from a huge dip in popularity due to his dithering, ineptitude and backing of the devious Cummings, tried to regain the momentum by announcing major relaxations of the lockdown rules.

It appears that 1metre is sufficient and pubs, restaurants and hairdressers can open. They’ve even let those shielding out and we can meet up with more people. We’ll see. A lot of scientists think this is too soon. Will the loony element adhere to the rules or will many think it’s all over?

As for me – well, being a biologist I have some knowledge of viruses. I will be doing what I’ve been doing. I’m happy to meet up with people if there is no touching and we meet up outside. We do not touch anything that someone else has touched. We sterilise it.

Seems like a sensible way forward to me. I’ll happily go and get a beer in a beer garden or even a meal at an outside table. I won’t go inside. I won’t go into shops unless I have to.

This will largely work through Summer. We’ve had such great weather I haven’t had to go inside (home deliveries and not seeing people). What happens when this goes on into winter (Covid 19 is not going away)???

We’ll see. I’m not expecting any magic vaccination programme or cure any time soon (I imagine next Summer might be the time for a vaccine to appear on the scene).

I guess I will play it by ear. Hopefully, the government might have got themselves organised and brought in a good programme of testing and follow-up soon (any moron could surely get it sorted in a few weeks – but then the government surpasses itself in moronity). We might even have an app like other countries!!

If we get to know exactly what is happening in our own locality we can make intelligent risk assessments.

Who knows?? In my view, there are bound to be many local flare-ups if not a second spike.

Today I enjoyed the sunshine with a 12-kilometre walk up the chalk path onto the Wolds.  I played my Ry Cooder, read my Woody Guthrie book and sorted a few photos. It’s amazing how quickly the day goes.

So enjoy Lockdown, keep yourself safe and leave it to the idiots to flout the regs.

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