How Reawakening came about.

How Reawakening came about.

I had a meeting with my editor friend to have a final discussion over God’s Bolt prior to its publication. He had really enjoyed the book and thought it was one of my best. He had particularly liked the character Helen Southcote and remarked how sorry he was to have come to the end as he would really have liked to know what happened to her.

That interested me. I had completed the book. Helen Southcote was the lone survivor of the human race. The book had an ending. I could not really see how it could progress. Besides, I do not tend to write sequels. But it none-the-less set my mind rolling.

We continued talking and he went on to remark that it would be interesting to build a better picture of what this looked like from the Alien point of view. The alien civilisation lived in the constellation of Tau Sagittarii, 122 light-years away. It did produce challenges. Any radio signals would take 122 years to reach their destination. A time lag of that nature created an almost insurmountable problem for any dialogue ….. almost.

The conversation set electrons whirring in my head. Before I knew it I had mapped out a story, sorted a beginning, middle and end, solved the communication gap and produced another novel.

It is a wonderful process of our imaginations that we enjoy both problem solving and telling stories. I think it is ingrained in our psychology.

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