The Corona Diaries – Day 99

It seems that we are moving towards a one metre rule. That will enable restaurants, pubs, and schools to operate. Political or medical?? Sounds political to me.

I really do not think that anybody knows what the medical situation is. Two metres – one metre – it all depends on circumstances – inside or outside, facing or turning away, talking, shouting or silent. There are no simple rules. We have to apply a sensible risk tolerance.

However, our death rate is going down but new cases continue to be around 1500 a day. Still too high for me. Until such time as the government gets its test and follow up sorted, I shall not be taking any chances.

They are starting to talk about people having to register to go to a pub or restaurant. That sounds OK to me. It will enable better follow up.

I shall not feel confident about going into a pub until the government has finally got its testing and follow up sorted. At the current rate of progress that could be some time in 2035.

Meanwhile, in the States it is a nightmare. Trump continues to mishandle, misdirect and misinform. His supporters still believe that Hydrochloroquine will help. In flagrant breach of social distancing he held his rally – though very poorly supported (supposedly a million applied – but the swathes of empty seats told the lie to that) it was irresponsible. He bragged about deliberately slowing the testing down. Perhaps with the new rates running at 30,000 new cases  – and rising – he should start caring about people. He should be telling them to social distance, wash their hands and lockdown! Instead, he is continuing to play it down, open up the economy and put thousands of peoples’ lives at risk.  A nutcase.

So today I played my Mimi and Richard Farina, walked up my hill in the sunshine and am now sorting my photobook of my Amazon trip.

Stay safe everyone.


10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 99

  1. Maybe a nutcase, and an ugly one, but putting all his eggs or macadamia nuts in one basket of white supremicists and evangelicals and high school drop outs that got him elected the first term. All he needs to do is destroy joe Biden and or rig the election.

      1. He will be defeated! We will not allow it. Btw, I recalled your account of painting window panes. Working on the back windows. A pane in the glass. No, the glass is in the pane.

      2. I hope you are right! Trump has been toxic. He has sown division and hatred. The sooner he’s gone the better. He deserves a resounding defeat!

      3. Either Churchill was right about America always doing the right thing in the end. Or not. And don’t be so hard on poor donald. The right wing has been sowing these toxic seeds for decades.

      4. But Trump has become the focus. He has given it mainstream credence. It has empowered that set of nutcases. Yes there has been a long period of racist, fascist, white supremacist activity, but Trump is the lightning rod. He needs dumping.

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